Testimonials & Messages of Beauty

Dear Donna,

I want to thank you for sending me the beautiful Edible Arrangement gift. My family and I enjoyed it. I am glad that I was able to make you feel comfortable. I am on your website and reading all the wonderful things you do to help people. I'm so blessed to meet a person like you. Thank you again and God bless you.

Your Friend,

Elka Lopez

My first interaction with Donna I was very taken back. Donna came into my place of employment to do a transaction and right away asked me what October 6th meant to me. I was very taken back and felt an overwhelming urge to cry. The day Donna mentioned is the day my mom died over 10 years ago. Donna is very gifted!

Cheryl A. Kennedy

Hypnotherapist, Acupressurist, Reiki Master & Author

I met Donna about two years ago now.

Donna is an amazing spiritual gifted healer and energy worker. I met Donna on a trip to India in 2008 to teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We performed many joint healing sessions on fellow travelers, visitors and on Tibetan monks while staying in a lama camp. We attended many Tibetan ceremonial rituals and received many sacred spiritual blessings.

About a week after this interaction Donna showed up at my job with a hummingbird wind chime, my mom had many, many of these before her passing. Hummingbirds are a sign of my mom. I Love Donna we have an amazing connection and sometimes I feel like my mom is living through her. Donna seems to know me better then myself at times, she seems to always know when I'm feeling down.

Very often Donna will come to mind and a few minutes later ill hear from her it’s absolutely amazing. I'm very Thankful to have known Donna for the past two years, she’s had a tremendous impact on my life.

Thank You Donna!

J Alonso

I highly recommend Donna Byrnes as a Reiki healer. After just one session with Donna, I felt amazing. During the session, I could feel the release, lots of negative energy withdrawing from my body, just as if a weight was lifted from me.

I did have to rest for a bit afterwards. However, all my anxiety, stress & discomfort was gone. I felt completely relaxed, full of peacefulness & inner strength. I had the balance to my entire existence: mind, body & soul.

Donna is a very intuitive woman, she is able to tune into exactly what your needs are before & during her healing session. A warm, caring and spiritual woman. Truly blessed & able to bless others with her God given "gift".

I strongly recommend her services.

Peace, Love & Light,


Donna has a sweet and caring soul; you can sense it when she walks into the room. She is so special to me.

Donna has comforted me so many times about loved ones who’ve passed coming to her to give me a message. I don’t always know the reason for the message, but it is always a blessing getting these messages.

Most of our conversation are via text messages, during one conversation of just random chit chat (I was at my house and Donna at hers). She tells me that my mom just randomly appeared at her kitchen table. My mom has been gone for 7 years now. I miss her dearly and I love getting messages from her thru Donna. For some reason, my mom communicated to Donna about my childhood.

Donna not only connects with people she also connects with animals. My mom had a bird that is still alive and resides at my dad’s house. Unbeknownst to Donna my dad was on vacation and the bird’s only interaction was my sister feeding her, and spending what little extra time she has with the bird. Donna told me that the bird is depressed and needs more attention that my dad can give her (Of course he can’t, he’s on vacation).

Donna expressed to me that my mom wants me to take the bird home with me to be with my children. Donna also told me to play Elvis songs for her. Later I found out that that comment was from my Mom. A few days later I went to see the bird and told my mom I needed a sign that I am meant to take this bird. On my way out I decided to turn on the radio so she has some kind of noise in the house and who is singing on the radio, ELVIS PRESLEY. I attended a party later that day and there was a “One Man Band” who sounding exactly like ELVIS PRESLEY when he sang Elvis songs.

I am amazed by what Donna tells me. From the messages from family members who have passed, to her own stories that she shares with me. She is an amazing woman. Anyone who gets the pleasure of meeting Donna is truly blessed.

I’ve stopped wondering why our paths have crossed and I am enjoying my journey as I know God works in mysterious ways. I am truly blessed to call Donna my friend.


Thank you for being in my life, you helped me when I was down and out,you took the coat off your back and put it on me.

When I told you I had no food, you did not blink, the next morning, there was a delivery for me.

So thank you Donna for being here for me and family. I love you with all my heart.


Donna is an angel sent from above. You know she is special the minute you meet her. She has a certain calming presence about her.

I believe in God and I believe that there is life after death, but after my mom passed away several years ago I’ve always looked for the signs to validate that. I’ve looked for signs from her that would tell me that she is ok and she is near me but I was never to find that sign on my own.

Donna has given me that validation. There is life after death and that our loved ones are always beside us.

In our conversations which are mainly via test messages, she has told me things about my mom, things that she enjoyed and did here on earth. These were things that Donna wouldn’t know because she never knew my mom.

Donna is an amazing woman, one conversation that astounds me is the time we were texting back and forth and she asked me why she smelled a specific scent. Little did she know I had just put on some essential oil.

Donna is scared, she is humble, and she is very special. I don’t know why our paths have crossed but am truly grateful and blessed to have met her and I always look forward to speaking with her.


I had the pleasure of meeting Donna through a mutual friend, in Monticello NY. After just meeting Donna I knew she had a gift, I just was not sure what kind of gift she had. However, after exchanging numbers and talking to Donna through messages, I was able to realize Donna has a gift from God. Personally I am grieving over the fact that I lost my grandmother who was my rock, and I recently just lost a very close friend who I was there through her last few days of life. Donna has shared with me that I am a blessed person, and very sacred. After talking with Donna, I have felt a lot of positive energy and understanding of who my loved ones are that are with me on a daily basis. As Donna was able to share with me something that my Grandmother always baked without me even sharing with her, I knew right away my grandmother was coming through to say hello with the help of Donna.

A few months after talking with Donna my Husband and I found out that we were expecting our first bundle of joy. Donna knew right away that I was expecting and shared with me that she knew there was a gift from god growing inside me, but was waiting for the confirmation from me. After sharing with Donna it was true that we were expecting our first bundle of joy, she asked if she could place her hands on my stomach and share with me what we were having. I of course knew Donna was full of gifts, and I was eager to hear what she had to say. Donna placed her hands on my stomach and was able to share with me that are bundle of joy would be a girl I immediately was humbled to hear that her confirmation was the same as the doctors.

It’s a blessing to have met Donna, and after every conversation with Donna I feel relax and rejoiced as Donna is a very calm and humble person.

Angie L.

You know the saying that everyone is in your life for a reason, season or for a lifetime. Well when I first met Donna I was asked to relocate her after her home had been in a fire. At the time I had a business partner who would show properties with me as well. However, Donna and I had made a connection. I had no idea what a healer was but I felt immediately drawn to her energy and felt that she was so grounded. I wanted to be like her. Being in real estate is sometimes likened to riding a roller coaster so it felt good to be in her presence. Day after day I would drive to Staten Island from Westchester County to help her find a new temporary home. On one of those trips Donna noticed that I had some familial issues that I was struggling with. She gave me the most beautiful guardian angel to look over me and my family and as a reminder to look to my faith in times of need. It was the start of my healing journey. A couple of years later my daughter had been diagnosed with a tumor in her foot and as you could imagine I was devastated and desperate for healing. I called Donna and immediately she was able to let me know that everything was going to be okay.

Donna's strong faith makes her a gifted healer and I am so lucky to have her in my life. I have such a strong connection to Donna that even to this day everytime I think of her she sends me a message. It's like we're in sync with each other.

It's like magic!

Gloria E. Cepin

I met Donna for the first time in New Delhi, India, back in 2008. I knew when I first met her that she was a special woman, at the time I did not know just how special she was. I have systemic lupus and a bone marrow deficiency and after travelling many hours on a plane to India, then taking a flight to Goa, and also an 8 hour taxi ride to the Southern tip of India to the Drepung Loseling Monastery in Karnataka State, I was starting to not feel well. Every joint in my body was swollen and I had developed an itchy rash all over my entire body.

Donna noticed I was not feeling well and took me aside to talk. I explained my health issues to her, and it was then that I learned that she was a healer. She offered to give me a healing and took me back to her room. I went into her room and laid down on the hay bed, which we were all sleeping on at the time. We were in Karnataka at the monastery for a dedication ceremony on a new assembly hall, and also for His Holiness the Dali Lama's 8 day public teachings. There were about 8,000 monks there from all over the world and their chanting prayers in that large number could be heard from all around the monastery, including Donna's room where the healing was taking place.

As she began the healing, I remember the warmth that came from her hands into my body, and how good it felt on my sore body. It was a feeling that I can not even begin to describe here in words. She prayed over me and called in the help of certain Saints to assist her in her healing. By the time the healing was over, in a little more than 1 hour, I felt so much better. I could walk without pain and the rash I had over my entire body started to fade away, and thankfully, the itching stopped. I also had a problem with a swollen left eye, and Donna, through her healing, got that to open up, and she drained all of the infection out, and the next day, that was also healed. I felt like a completely different person, and I had no more recurring health problems for the rest of the trip.

I am very grateful to Donna and her healing, as being in a 3rd world country is not the place where you want to get seriously ill. Donna is a very special, gifted healer and anyone who is fortunate enough to get an appointment with her and receive a healing should do so. It is a privilege and a blessing to receive a healing from her. You will never be the same.

Jennifer Blais

Kingston, MA

I have been very honored to know Donna for the past 9 years. She is one of the humblest people I have ever come into contact with. I met her through a mutual friend who took me to her for a healing being that I was into Reiki. Since that day Donna has been a very important part of my life. I feel it was meant to be for me to meet her.

She is A very powerful healer. Her energy is very strong; it cannot go unnoticed. I met Donna at a very changing time of my life and she taught me stability, balance and most of all boundaries. Because of Donna I became more confident in myself and in following my intuitions. I have trained under Donna and received reiki attunements through her. Her healing’s always have left me feeling grounded and aware of my energies. I am able to share my gift of healing with others because of her guidance.

Near or far, Donna and I are always connected. She always knows if i am troubled or not feeling well and always sends her healing energies and prayers to me. Over the years Donna has not just been a teacher and role model to me but has become like family.

Donna has a great connection with my mom and grandmother as well. She helped my mom and I get through the tragic death of my grandmother. As I watched my grandmother slowly leave us in her hospital bed and my mom fall apart somehow Donna kept us together and strong. She prayed with us and did many healing on my grandmother as she was dying. As Donna would do these healings she would get messages and even names of deceased family members who were coming through to welcome my grandmother into heaven. I know it was true because Donna never even met or knew these people. I truly felt at peace knowing she was being welcomed with open arms by her family and wasn’t alone. Donna never left our side and made us very aware of my grandmother’s spirit and what she felt as she was passing over. She truly comforted her as she entered the gates of heaven. Still till this day Donna will get many confirmations from my grandmother and will share them with my mom and I which makes us feel like she is still around watching over us. We are very appreciative that the 4 of us are still very connected. Now years later when my grandmothers final brother passed away my mom and I were able to use Donna’s Reiki teachings to help him pass in peace and comfort.

I admire Donna for all of her work, courage, intuition, strength and wonderful way of teaching and healing. I only hope you can get the chance to receive the same opportunities my family and I have with her. Her work is truly Divine. I am very thankful for having Donna in my life and I know she will always be there to teach and guide me with open arms. I love her very much and so does my mom. These were just some of the great encounters with Donna, there have been many more and I am sure more to come in the future. All I can say is Thank you from the bottom of my heart and we are truly privileged and blessed to have a wonderful healer and person in our lives like Donna.

With Love and Appreciation,

Jennifer Trought

I found Donna’s work to be nicely balanced. Donna is honest and insightful in her presentation of information. She’s spiritually orientated but doesn’t advocate any particular religious perspective; a definite plus. I felt lighter and more clear-headed with a better sense of direction.

Donna has the ability to see what is right and not right and gently encourage people to move towards their highest good. That highest good she guides to is one of personal freedom and growth. When the person is ready she guides them to better themselves sometimes through simple logic, others through an eclectic range of religions and philosophy, others through intuitive information and others through common sense.

Treatments- healings- are personal and unique by Donna. She uses a combination of healing energies and interacts with spiritual entities during treatment. The healing energies are not limited to Rei Ki and she works with Catholic Saints and Hindu gods without conflict. All with the best intentions for the individuals highest good.

Donna often presents inspirational and thought provoking information at just when one begins to doubt themself. She usually does this in the form of written inspirations passages or anecdotes that brings about personal revelations.

Lawrence Howard, LAc, MSAc

I have known Donna Byrnes for over a decade. Donna is a Reiki Master and she does healings. I was in the hospital one time and was diagnosed with cancer. She took me to the temple and rubbed her hands over me and said you don't have cancer. I got it checked, and sure enough it was something completely different.

On the other hand, she had a girlfriend who she was doing healings on and felt some things, and told her if she didn't get to the hospital immediately, she would be a "goner." The woman had two different types of cancer, and she saved her life.

I have taken her to places she had never been before. And when she walked in, she said I can't stay here, for the darkness, something bad has happened here. Unbeknownst to her, people had died in both places.

She is very talented and has a very special gift. I hope she continues to help and save others. I believe that's why she was given the gift that she has.

Edward Doviak

Donna you are such an amazing person inside and out, your energy is amazing. Your passion for this wonderful gift shines brightly.

She is incredibly warm and genuine, and made me feel comfortable and relaxed straight away (which isn't easy for me!). She is insightful and understanding. Her passion for Reiki is infectious. I'm so pleased I've met her and benefited from her positive influence!

Donna has a wonderful ability to make you feel like she has all the time in the world for you, and puts you at ease instantly. I’m so privileged to have met her and would highly recommend Reiki with her to anyone.

Thank you is not enough … but it’s the only words I have. Thank you for making me feel unbroken and unblocked. Thank you for your fantastic words of encouragement.

You are a beautiful soul, inside and out. I hope you see what I can see – and that you realize just how much you are worth. I am so blessed to know you.


Elvis Pulaj