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What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing is the power of personal energy from an individual who recognizes and accepts the presence of Deity and transfers that energy to another. It can be performed by several methods including hands-on, hands-off and distant practices.

Within the field of Spiritual healing, the practices and methods are non-denominational and ecumenical, meaning it does not matter by which name you call your Supreme Power or your religious background. The only requirement is a belief in Deity, a Higher Power or wholeness with the universe.

Spiritual or Energy Healing has been practiced throughout the entire existence of mankind and continues to grow in faith and popularity. Where once doctors only believed in the power of science and medicine, has been shifting into the reality and acceptance of the mind and metaphysical powers everyone possesses. It is a science within itself and has become more widely studied the world over than any individual field of science.

Spiritual Healing is a way to neutralize and destroy inner mental patterns which manifest into disorder, disease and mental distress within our mind and body.

How can we accept healing through energy and spirituality?

To live in truth and harmony with ourselves and the world around us. By realizing and accepting that the truth is our bodies are made of energy. If you were to study your hand under a microscope, and continue to expand your field of vision, you would dive beyond skin, blood vessels, blood cells, molecules, atoms and ultimately arrive at ENERGY. Our entire body is energy. And so is the world, planets, solar systems, galaxies and the universe. Everything is energy. In short, we are a field of energy connected to the infinite vastness or universal energy.

As stated in the Chinese I Ching (or Book of Changes), “Even a single passion still lurking in the heart has power to obscure reason.” Which means even the tiniest negative thought held onto the mind or heart will always create discord within the purest harmonies within the individual. We are meant to live in harmony between our hearts and consciousness to accept the Great Universal Spirit flowing within all of us.

About Donna Byrnes

Donna Byrnes, R.M.T. is a dynamic and compassionate woman with more than 25 years dedicated to helping individuals and groups within various business environments and health care settings. She shares her multitude of talents and expertise with all in need. She has performed extensive work in drug and alcohol counseling, AIDS/HIV patient support, behavioral therapy and complementary medicine.

Donna began her path in 1993 when she opened the Byrnes Family Care Adult Home in Livingston Manor, New York. A six-bed facility home for geriatric and mental illness and chemical abuse clients for the Office of Mental Health. Through her interactions with clients and families, Donna realized the growing need for skills outside the facility.

She began supporting clients with maintaining sobriety through education and spiritual guidance, as well as implementing the 12 Step Program for groups and families. In addition, she administered to behavioral modification techniques, stress reduction and spiritual theories to approach her clients’ dependencies. She eventually began working for Daytop Village in Swan Lake, New York as an Addictions Counselor.

Spiritually guided, Donna was soon later lead to the path towards a more sacred calling. She embarked on a journey to Karnataka State in southern India to study the Tibetan Buddhist traditions of wisdom and compassion at the Drepung Loseling Monestary.

There, she studied the nurturance of inner peace, kindness, communal understanding and healing.

A rare event occurred when Donna was invited to listen to a speech given by the Hindi Holy man, Ravi Shankar Guruji. At one point during the speech, the Dali Lama jokingly tugged on Ravi’s beard and asked if it was real.

While staying at the Mindrolling Monastery in Clement Town, India.

Upon recognition for her studies and works, she received her certifications which coincided with His Holiness’s public teachings. Shortly after, Donna was inducted into Karuna Foundation, where she and a select few scholars were blessed by one of the Dali Lama’s teachers.

Video of the Karuna Foundation Induction ceremony can be found on YouTube.

Since then, Donna has risen spiritually and mentally. She is an Ordained Reverend, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy® Practitioner, Master/Teacher of Magnified Healing® and Behavioral Therapy.

She continues to grow as a Spiritual Healer as a result of over 300 private energy healing sessions for various clientele, with excellent human relation skills, dealing with a variety of service professionals and clients. Donna possesses the superior ability to achieve immediate and long-term goals resulting in increased client awareness and personal growth; honoring professional boundaries and ethics.

Read for yourself the successes Donna celebrates with her clients by heading over to her Testimonials Page…

Qualifications and Certifications

Reiki Master - International Assoc. of Reiki Professionals

Registered Healer, INHA

I.E.T. Master Practitioner

Physio/Spiritual Massage

I.A.R.P. Code of Ethics

Registered Behavioral Therapist